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Lift Safe Deliver Lifting Equipment To Williams Grand Prix Engineering

Lift Safe has recently delivered an LS 225P counter balanced lifter to position and remove various chucks from within their CNC machines. The machines had no clearance underneath for forward facing legs, so the lifter hook/eye required to reach and lift up to an 80kg weight, 800mm outward from the mast.

Lift Safe Supply Local Pharmaceutical Company With 2 Fully Bespoke Fully Powered Stackers

Lift Safe recently supplied a local Pharmaceutical customer with two bespoke fully powered pedestrian stackers.

The stackers are fitted with a powered reel gripper that is capable of lifting 5 stacked 800mm dia 50 kg reel and transporting them from the customer’s warehouse to the production area.

We have been customising our lifting equipment for over 15 years. So whether you need a customised reel manipulator, a nylon platform with a bespoke recess or even a custom counterbalanced stacker with adjustable forks, we can be relied on to manufacture any lifting solution to meet your requirements.

Lift Safe Supplies Rolls Royce Aero Engines With A Electric Lifter With A Custom Attachment

Lift Safe have recently supplied Rolls Royce Aero Engines with a mobile electric lifter to lift 90kg controllers from their production environment to test beds.

The modular electric mobile work positioner range is perfect for the more challenging lifting and handling applications. The fully modular system means: 90KG, 130KG, 175KG, 225KG & 325KG capacity models are available.

All spindle driven so no belts or chains. We can change the leg length and height for access and stability. The flexible leg design also us to build the lifter around your pallet/machine. It also allows easy use of the central brake bar. This allows you to choose between: 4 swivel wheels, 2 rear wheels fixed, 2 front swivel, or brake on.

Lift Safe Ltd Suppy Two Reel Lifters To Patterson Arran In Livingston

The lifters are being used for lifting reels on to the production machines. These 15- 20kg reels used to be lifted manually to feed the production machines. Due to the location and height of the reels it was often awkward for the production staff to install these reels.

Now that that they have two lifters from Lift Safe Ltd reels are lifted off pallets horizontally transported to the production machine and fed on the machine with little to no manual effort.

These lifters work well where there isn’t much room as they are so light and easy to move around. Picture shows Tom Dignan H&S Officer for Patterson Arran Ltd who was involved in the sourcing and procurement of the equipment.

Lift Safe Gives North West Ambulance Service Two Lifting Solutions
Lift Safe, specialists in the supply of materials handling equipment and mobile work lifters, has solved two problems faced by the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), the second largest ambulance service in the UK, with one type of lifter.

Ambulance personnel at NWAS’ service garages were at risk of back or musculo-skeletal injury by reaching inside vehicles to remove for recharging the heavy 45kg traction batteries, which supply power to ambulance equipment.

To increase functionality, efficiency and safety, Lift Safe supplied a total of ten Eco Lifts, with a lifting capacity of 90kg each, to four different NWAS service garages. The Service appreciated the lightweight, ergonomic and easy to manoeuvre lifters and the increased safety of its staff.

The second issue causing concern to the NWAS was how to safely and effectively lift ambulances to change their extremely heavy wheels when being serviced.

Lift Safe customised the Eco Lifts, providing one attachment for changing batteries and one for changing tyres, so that one lifter quickly and easily performs two different tasks. By supplying the Service with fast-change transposable attachments, the same lifter can effortlessly be used for both tasks.

Lift Safe Provides Clean Room Lifters To Aid The Pharmaceutical Industry

Lift Safe Ltd has launched its range of clean room lifters in partnership with Svenema. The firm’s primary focus has been to design and produce battery/electric and manual lifters for clean rooms and other ‘clean’ environments where hygiene, cGMP’s and optimum ergonomic efficiency are of primary importance.

All lifters are produced in stainless steel and have a hygienic design. Thanks to extensive experience with designing and building customised lift equipment for clean room applications, LiftSafe are able to quickly offer solutions to clients, with an efficient, optimised, cost effective lifter for many applications.

Through the years, the company has helped customers in the pharmaceutical and related industries by providing more efficient and ‘cleaner’ handling of drums, film rolls and containers.
Lift Safe specialises in offering a solution to the customer’s specific requirements, using high-quality materials in the construction of the lifters and all the available accessories. There are three standard models in the range including the Ultra 0-40kg SWL which is the most compact and maneuverable lifter in the product range. The Ultra has been developed to handle smaller, lighter items.

The second model is the Midi 40-80kg which is a versatile lifter designed to handle the widest range of applications. It is relatively compact and easy to move around despite its high lifting capacity. The third model is the Maxi – the most heavy duty lift trolley – which comes with a high lift capacity and a wide range of accessories. As with other models, the MAXI can be fully customised to specific needs.


Café Royal Hotel
We recently supplied Cafe Royal Hotel a secure cage segregation for their food and Beverage store in the hotel basement and large food storage containers boxes.

The Leicester Royal Infirmary
We recently supplied The Leicester Royal Infirmary 3 x bespoke cylinder trailers to transport medical and large gas cylinders around site. One of these is to be pulled by an electric tug we supplied earlier in the year.

Nuffield Health
We have supplied a cage to the eighth Nuffield health site in Harrogate, for the storage of clinical waste.
Storage cage H2050mm W1000mm D1050mm with mesh roof and single lockable door. Ground fixing points, PS100 zinc plated finish.

The Walt Disney Company Ltd
We supplied two special gas cylinder trolleys for the transport of cylinders around the Lyceum Theatre.

Martin Moore Kitchens
We have supplied a specialist Alfa range lifter to Martin Moore Kitchens bespoke kitchen manufactures for use in the sake handing of kitchen units in their manufacturing process.

Nightfreight / Homebase
Nightfreight took delivery of 50 FurniBoxes to use in a joint venture with Homebase. This is their fourth order over a three year period

Magnox Ltd
We recently supplied Magnox Ltd a delivery of 6 of our standard zinc plated secure storage cages with aluminium base and solid sloping roofs for use in waste storage.

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue
South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue took delivery of SC01-SC1 folding cylinder cage with lockable door and fold down shelf. A new product, introduced in June this year.

Unitrans Furniture Warehouse
Took delivery of 90 x FurniBox 2700 for Upholstery for the storage of three piece suits and mattress at the Heathrow Warehouse