Drum Handling & Storage

See below for Lift Safe Direct's large range of drum trucks, drum trolleys and drum dollies.

We manufacture all drum handling equipment at our UK plant to the highest specifications and all our products have a durable polymer powder coated finish.

We also offer an in-house design service. So if you cannot see a product to meet your requirements please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Universal Drum Truck
Product ID: DH01-DT250
Universal drum truck. Suitable for steel, plastic or fibre drums. Ideal in any industry using drums.

Universal Drum Truck Details

4 Wheel Drum Truck
Product ID: DH02-DT24
A robust designed drum trolley with fully welded construction to carry a single 610mm Dia steel drum.

4 Wheel Drum Truck Details

Standard Drum Stillage
Product ID: DH05-DS07
A basic style drum stillage used to lift a 210 litre drum into the working position. Comes complete with handle.

Standard Drum Stillage Details

Mobile Drum Stillage
Product ID: DH06-DS08
This drum stillage is similar in design to the DH05-DS07 with the addition of wheels to assist in moving the drum to it's working position. Comes complete with handle.

Mobile Drum Stillage Details

Mobile Rotating Drum Stillage
Product ID: DH08-DS19
This drum stillage has the attributes of both the DH06-DS07 and the DH07-DS08 which allows for ease of operator use.

Mobile Rotating Drum Stillage Details

4 Wheel Ergonomic Drum Dolly
Product ID: DH12-DT10
This 4 x wheel ergonomic drum is designed to hold a 210 litre (610 mm diameter) drum and will fit through a standard door. Red epoxy.

4 Wheel Ergonomic Drum Dolly Details

Dual Drum Dolly
Product ID: DH13-DT11
A medium duty drum dolly, Max drum dia: 610mm.

Dual Drum Dolly Details

Triangular Drum Dolly
Product ID: DH15-DT12
A medium duty drum dolley designed to hold 210 litre steel drums. Height: 150mm Width: 745mm.

Triangular Drum Dolly Details

Stacking Drum Pallet Racking System
This flexible modular system of storing drums is perfect for a wide range of applications. The strong welded steel construction means that each section can be stacked up to 3 high.

Stacking Drum Pallet Racking System Details

High Drum Stand - Mobile or Static
All welded flat and tube steel high drum stand, available in a mobile version or static version. Can carry up to 250kg drum and comes in a blue epoxy finish.

High Drum Stand - Mobile or Static Details

Enclosed Drum Sump Storage System
ully enclosed drum storage with integral sump. Fixed sump, back and 2 sides, hinged roof and twin hinged doors with lock.

Enclosed Drum Sump Storage System Details

Mobile Drum Sump Trolley / Dispenser
Drum trolley with integral sump. Sump trolley for 2 vertical or 1 horizontal drum when used with drum rotation frame. Sump capacity is 250 litres. Removable galvanised steel support grid and drain plug.

Mobile Drum Sump Trolley / Dispenser Details

Drum Sump Storage System
Designed to store drums either vertically or horizontally for ease of use and access, In case of leakage.

Drum Sump Storage System Details

Horizontal Drum Tongs
For lifting 210 litre tight head steel drums, using overhead lifting gear or fork lift adapter beam.

Horizontal Drum Tongs Details

Drum Rotator
Drum held securely in 200mm wide steel girdle harness with 2 ratchet clamps.

Drum Rotator Details

Drum Claw
Designed for transporting of 210 litre tight head drums. Spring loaded hardened steel jaws grip the chimb or rim of the drum.

Drum Claw Details